35 Years of Design-Led Innovation


The Winblok® concrete window system was designed and further patented by Al Stratford for use in his own family home which he built in East London, South Africa. The house now serves as the Wintec® Innovation Head office.

Winblok®-original-patented-by-Wintec® Innovation

Winblok (Pty) Ltd. launched the Winblok® Total Window System to architects in Southern Africa by setting up a network of licensed pre-cast concrete manufactures and a factory in East London toproduce the Winvent aluminium glazed insert components.


By 1988, fours years after launch, the Winblok® System had become widely used in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and went on to become the recipient of the South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute Award of that year.


Al Stratford patented the Winstep® Stair, Ramp and Walkway System and proceeded to license manufacturers in all the major centres of South Africa.


Nearly 10 years after launching in South Africa, Brazil picked up on the potential of the Winblok® System and it was licensed in Brazil – it has since gone on to become very popular.


10 years after launching the Winblok®, Al Stratford did it all over again – patenting the Windeck® Suspended Concrete Floor System – another design led innovation.


Following in the footsteps of the Winblok®, both Winstep® and Windeck® became the recipients of the South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute Awards.


The Winkit house – a kit of parts (Winblok®, Windeck®, Winstep®), won the Concrete Manufacturers Association National Award in the category ‘Concrete Masonry’


Winblok (Pty) Ltd. was sold as a going concern to other parties. Al Stratford retained the Intellectual Property and continued to trade as Wintec® with Winstep® and Windeck®.


Al Stratford designed and built the SAIA Award winning Stratfords Guesthouse and Conference Centre on the premises of the original Winblok® house built in 1980.


In 2001 Al Stratford was registered as Professional Architect with SACAP and subsequently went on to become President of the SAIA in 2009 and 2010.


David Stratford returned from working in Europe Asia to join Wintec® Innovation and assist in setting up production licences for Windeck® in Southern Africa.


In 2006 Al Stratford designed and patented the initial Winslot® Passive Sun Control Facade System and designed the rst house using this product in East London.


Wintec® Innovation bought back the Winblok® technology and Andrew Stratford joined Wintec® Innovation to assist with setting up Winvent® production within the Wintec® factory in East London.


Following increasing demand for the Wintec® Innovation products in the Western Cape – Wintec® set up a branch o ce and production in Cape Town under Stephen Wigley.


The Ventilated Access Floor was designed by Al Stratford as architect on the University of Fort Hare New Teaching Complex. Wintec® Innovation designed the production system and manufactured all the pre-cast concrete elements for this project.


Al Stratford designs and patents the StratFlex® furniture technology – which allows for the strategic bending of rigid boards to form complex shapes and surfaces and yet retain the ability to be flat-packed for ease of transport.


The StratFlex® technology and associated furniture was launched at the 2013 Design Indaba Expo held in Cape Town to great interest and media coverage. StratFlex® was subsequently awarded the prestigious 2013 Design Indaba Innovation Award.