Wrapped in glass – Fantasia


We recently worked with local architect Richard Stratford on an new project that he is working on in Hogsback. We were responsible for the manufacturing of curved glass tiles that were required to ‘wrap’ the double story building – as well as the roof. Using meranti timber frames, 4mm TSG glass, specialised glue and sand […]

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StratFlex™ Technology, rigid plywood transformed into a "very comfortable" flexible chair.


We have been sending out a few orders of our StratFlex® Skin and Impi chairs and felt we should share some of the reviews / comments about them. Mike-Kane Smith of Timesquare Advertising had this to say upon receiving his order of StratFlex® Skin chairs: I must compliment you not only on a wonderfully designed […]

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Winning the 2013 Design Indaba Innovation Award

Design Indaba Innovation Award Ceremony

Cape Town will be the International Design Capital for 2014 and 2015. The Design Indaba starting in 1995 in Cape Town has become the biggest Southern Hemisphere design event. Winning the 2013 Design Indaba Innovation Award has projected us from our little coastal city, East London, South Africa, a thousand kilometres from Cape Town, into […]

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