Another great use of Winblok® in Libode at Zanokhanyo School

Zanokhanyo School in Libode

Education is a key pillar of any emerging society. Receiving proper instruction by enthusiastic educators in a safe and well built environment, can launch many of our young bright South African minds into a great future.  When we see the great school projects being accomplished in the Eastern Cape area, we can’t help but feel positive and hopeful for our country. Zanokhanyo School in the Libode area is one such example of these projects.

We believe that the use of our Wintec® Winblok® Total Window System has enhanced the project, and will help in providing a comfortable environment for the learners. The architects specified our Winblok® module 600 x 800 x 300mm, including the Winvent® Central Pivot (high-level ventilation and light) and the Winvent® Fixed Frame (high-level bounce light) inserts, factory glazed with safety and solar performance glass.

We recently visited the now almost completed project and took some photos to showcase the great work being done there.