Introducing the StratFlex™ Rhino

We are excited to introduce a new piece to our StratFlex™ range. The Rhino is a three dimensional, hollowed out, sculptural piece that may be flexed by the owner to express different stances; head up or down; tail up or down etc. Positioned next to your favourite armchair it may also double as a drinks table, on a pedestal or in a niche. It may also be fixed against a wall in its flat ‘skin’ form with the horn protruding from the flat surface.

The design was developed using our award winning material technology called StratFlex™. Al Stratford worked on and off over a number of months, from computer to paper models, refining the pattern and finally ‘printing’ out the Rhino with a CNC routing machine. The design is inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames Elephant done in the 1950’s and the deeply disturbing Rhino poaching happening in our land.

We will be launching the Rhino next week in both Cape Town at the Homemakers Expo from 29 August to 1 September as part of the Unplugged exhibit and in Johannesburg at the SA Innovation Summit from 27-29 August – so if you in the area – pop in to see it in ‘real life’ so-to-speak. We will also have the StratFlex® Skin and Impi chairs on display on our stand at the SA Innovation Summit.

The Rhino is now available for purchase.