WINTEC® Ventilated Access Floor

lighter, cheaper and using less cement

Green, Sustainable Carbon Footprint Reduction

Suspended floor plates not only need to be structurally sound and fire proof but convey services including power and water supply, waste removal, information data and also air supply. This is usually accomplished by superimposing a proprietary access floor above and a suspended ceiling below a reinforced concrete slab. This results in a deep floor plate to accommodate all these functions. An opportunity to integrate these attributes into one comprehensive system has been addressed. WINTEC® INNOVATION has patented and developed the Ventilated Access Floor (VAF) with the production facility as a moveable asset that may be set up on a level site requiring no anchorage for pre-stressing as the moulds take the pre-stress load.

How the Ventilated Access Flooring System works

Primary Beam

The floor comprises of pre-cast Primary Beams that pass over the column heads at a maximum of 8.4m centres. In-situ concrete pours in the U-shaped Primary Beams create a rigid structure to withstand horizontal wind forces.

Secondary Beam

Pre-cast Secondary Beams with 220 dia. holes at 300 crs which are fitted into slots in the Primary Beams at 600 crs which then also span a maximum of 8.4m. In-situ concrete pours in between the selected Secondary Beams create a rigid structure to withstand horizontal wind forces.

Floor and Ceiling Tiles

Pigmented pre-cast Floor Tiles reinforced to span between Secondary Beams, 600×600 in size, some with air diffusers and electrical points are embedded in mortar over secondary beams and grouted – providing a pre-finished floor. Pre-cast Ceiling Tiles, 600×600, some with electrical access points, are also reinforced to span 600mm and are bolted to the underside of the Secondary Beams.

Are you thinking WINTEC® VAF might work in your next project?

If you have a project/idea/application for the VAF, we can makethis system available under licence wherever it is viable.