Winning the 2013 Design Indaba Innovation Award

Cape Town will be the International Design Capital for 2014 and 2015. The Design Indaba starting in 1995 in Cape Town has become the biggest Southern Hemisphere design event. Winning the 2013 Design Indaba Innovation Award has projected us from our little coastal city, East London, South Africa, a thousand kilometres from Cape Town, into the global market with a response from all quarters. Request for our products and exponential hits on our web page are opening up a demand we are hard pressed but excited to fulfil.

The patented StratFlex® Technology that we have developed introduces a new genre of furniture and artefacts. The surface has only been scratched by the two products, SKIN and IMPI that we launched with at the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town. We are preparing a spread of products that employ this technology to add to the collection.

We are very mindful of our unique position at the southern tip of Africa, where the West meets the Rest and the potential for this project to bring much needed employment in our region. To this end we plan to grow our business organically from our small base, ever mindful of our interdependence on the global resources we may draw from, and open to international strategic alliance; but at the same time, trusting that we may bring a legacy to our people.

Al Stratford