New University of Mpumalanga: Building 1

Lately, we’ve been increasingly proud of the innovative way in which our Wintec® Winblok® System is being applied to buildings all around South Africa, and the newly constructed University of Mpumalanga in Nelspruit is a shining example of this. Architects Nina Cohen and Fiona Garson, of Cohen Garson Architects, have used the Winblok® System in a very creative and artistic screen-wall facade applications. One of the features is a 9.6m high Winblok® screen-wall that spans three floors.

Due to the fact that Winblok® is both a structural and load-bearing component, the engineers were able to achieve this span with very lightweight structural members integrated into the facade. To our knowledge, this application is the highest continuous Winblok® facade we’ve seen in a building. In addition to this impressive structural facade, an artist was commissioned to fill the Wingrid® elements of the facade with handmade clay tiles in creative patterns.

We look forward to see this great project completed.