StratFlex® Rhino

functional flat-pack art piece


The Rhino

A three dimensional, sculptural piece made with the award-winning StratFlex® technology. It may be flexed by the owner to express different stances such as; head up or down; tail up or down etc.

How big is the StratFlex® Rhino?

It might be hard to tell how big the Rhino really is, so here’s a handy scale comparison for reference.
Don’t worry, he’ll fit through the door!


Design Indaba Expo’s Innovation Award is presented to one exhibitor each year at the annual design event. We won this prestigious award for our revolutionary StratFlex® Technology.

Designed using StratFlex® Technology, by Al Stratford

The founder of WINTEC® INNOVATION, Al Stratford, has been inventing furniture pieces for over 35 years.
To visit his online bio to find out more, go here.