StratFlex™ Technology, rigid plywood transformed into a "very comfortable" flexible chair.

We have been sending out a few orders of our StratFlex® Skin and Impi chairs and felt we should share some of the reviews / comments about them.

Mike-Kane Smith of Timesquare Advertising had this to say upon receiving his order of StratFlex® Skin chairs:
I must compliment you not only on a wonderfully designed finished product, but also how well presented the entire package is too.

For a recent potential order for a Indian cuisine Restaurant in Covent Gardens London UK they let there clients test-drive the Impi, here are some of the comments:
Thanks for sending us the sample, it has proved an interesting experience having such an advanced design chair in the restaurant and the feedback from customers, staff and suppliers was most intriguing. The feel of the chair got great reviews, customers who sat for whole dinners and lunches found the chair to be very comfortable. The feedback was very positive regarding this as it exceeded their expectations especially since not having a cushion.