Project Feature

Wintec® Winslot® System Feature: Cullinan Library Park, Gauteng (Completed)

We featured this special project last year when it was still very much under construction and we are so pleased to see it completed and looking great. The Architect on this project, Paul Thiede, did a fantastic job designing this library space right in the heart of Cullinan (30km from Pretoria) in Gauteng, simply called […]

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Winslot® & Winblok® System Project Feature – ALE, Cape Town

ALE Heavylift is one of the biggest international heavy transportation and lifting contractors on the planet and when they do something it’s usually pretty massive. So when we saw how well they used our Winblok® and Winslot® Systems in their Cape Town branch recently, we were extremely proud. It’s always so encouraging to see our […]

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