WINTEC® Winblok®

35 years of the total window system

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Analysis by independent Quantity Surveyors’ confirms that Winblok® is a sound choice, where product quality, cost, buildability, and other factors are considered, and where optimum ratios for ventilation and lighting are applied in building design.


Winblok® is built into walls as part of the continuous brick or block work. No need for additional sills and plastered reveals. No lintels required under normal loading circumstances. Our Winvent® range is easily installed with NC silicone, requiring no skilled labour.


Winblok® gives an architect great freedom in managing natural light and ventilation. The depth of Winblok® provides a means to manage and optimise direct and reflected sunlight. Winblok® has relatively low U and SHGC values which are available per application.

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Download Catalogues & CAD Drawings

If you are specifying or designing with the Winblok® System, download the handy ‘zip’ folder below. It includes all CAD drawings and catalogs for this system.


When specifying or pricing the Winblok® Total Window System remember...

...we always supply Winblok® as a complete Architectural System.


The Winblok® System includes precast concrete surrounds, and the Winvent® glazing inserts in the various options available. This system has been painstakingly designed, tested and approved and is a comprehensive Total Window Solution. Therefore specifying or pricing this system should always

include the Winblok® surround plus the Winvent® insert. This is to ensure that the system will function correctly for many years and perform exactly as it has been specifed by the architect, which in turn guarantees that the client is getting only the very best Winblok® solution for their project.


The table below serves to outline the benefits of the Winblok® System provides to the architect, builder and ultimately the end-user.

Our comprehensive range of concrete surrounds & components

WINTEC® Winblok® precast concrete window surrounds are manufactured from high density, low permeability concrete. Please contact us in order to check the stock availability of certain sizes and products within South Africa.

Square Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800×800 / 600×600 / 675×675 / 400×400

Rectangular Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800×600 / 800×400 / 690×460 / 600×400

Corner Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800×800 / 675×675 / 600×600 / 800×600

Triangular Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800×800 / 675×675 / 600×600

Quadrant Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800×800 / 675×675 / 600×600

Circular Winblok®

Available in these sizes: 800 outside dia. / 600 outside dia.

Winpanel Winblok® Panel

Solid in-fill panels made from 40mm thick unreinforced 30MPa concrete. They are fixed into Winblok® System on site using non-ascetic silicone.

Winguard Winblok® Insert

Reinforced security elements made from 30MPa concrete reinforced with Y12 bars. Fixed into Winblok® System on site using epoxy adhesive or non-ascetic silicone sealant.

Wingrid Winblok® Insert

Rebated, pierced panels made from 30MPa concrete reinforced with galvanised wire. Fixed into Winblok® System using non-ascetic silicone sealant. They can be glazed or left open.

Winvent® - designed specifically for the Winblok® System

The Winvent® Glazing Inserts are specifically engineered to work perfectly with the Winblok® & Winslot® Systems.

Winvent® is SANS 10400-XA & SANS 613 Certified

Our Winvent® Top-Hung and Fixed-frame windows are compliant with both SANS 10400-XA (energy performance) and SANS 613 (air and water ltration/penetration). We are able to provide the Simulated energy Performance Rating Certification for all design permutations using the Winvent® Inserts in both the Winblok® and Winslot® System on request – confirming compliance with SANS 10400-XA simulation and calculations according to National Fenestration Rating Council(NFRC) and ISO standards.

From Top-hung to Flyscreen to Louvre

Expertly engineered to work perfectly every time.

Winvent® Top-hung

The aluminium Top-hung projecting out Winvent® is supplied factory glazed (silicone flush glazing). It is manufactured from aluminium extruded sections, which are natural anodised or epoxy powder coated finished. Thehandle is cast aluminium which is then powder coated black. Weather seals are wool pile. The pantograph friction stays are manufactured from stainless steel. Fly screens and burglar bars may be factory fitted as additional accessories.

Winvent® Central Pivot

The aluminium Central-Pivot Winvent®, designed for high level pole action with a pull ring spring catch, is supplied factory glazed (silicone flush glazing). It is manufactured from aluminium extruded sections which has a natural anodised or epoxy powder coated finish. Weather seals are wool pile. The centre pivot hinge is a nylon friction bearing. Burglar bars may be factory fitted as an added accessory.

Winvent® Flyscreen

The Fly Screen for the Winvent® is manufactured from an aluminium extrusion frame into which a fibre mesh is secured with a rubber gasket. It is top hung on the frame with glass-reinforced nylon hinges and opens inwards secured by a catch. The Fly Screen is only available as a factory fitted item. If loose Fly Screens are required for on-site fixing, the steel Fly Screen must be ordered.

Winvent® Bottom Pivot

The Bottom-Pivot inward opening Winvent® is designed to be used where projecting out, or a Central-Pivot Winvent®, may be inappropriate. This Winvent® is supplied with a pull ring spring catch and comes factory glazed (silicone ush glazing). It is manufactured from aluminium extruded sections which are natural anodised or epoxy powder coat finished. Weather seals are wool pile. The Bottom-Pivot is set 100mm from the bottom and has a ‘stop’attached to limit the opening width. Burglar bars may be factory tted as an added accessory.

Winvent® Glazed Louvre

The Glazed Winlouvre provides an opening window where projecting out, Central-pivot or Bottom-pivot Winvent® are impractical. An aluminium louvre blade mechanism is mounted in an aluminium Winvent frame. The blade mechanism and frame may be natural anodised or epox y powder coated. It may be fixed to Winblok® with the glazing rebate on the inside or outside of the building. Glazing may be 114mm blade widths of clear or obscure glass. Glazed Winlouvres may be used for ventilation in conjunction with Winguards or special burglar bars in high security applications. *Not recommended for Winslot®

Winvent® Fixed Louvre

Aluminium Winlouvres provide permanent fixed ventilation for squash courts, switch rooms, ventilation ducting and other similar applications. They will not totally exclude entry of wind driven rain. Aluminium Winlouvres are manufactured from extruded aluminum louvre blades carried on tubular mullions and mounted in an aluminium Winvent® frame. Aluminium Winlouvres may be supplied with a Flyscreen attached if required. *Not recommended for Winslot®

Winvent® Fixed Frame

The aluminium fixed frame Winvent® is designed to match the opening Winvent®. It is manufactured from aluminium extruded sections. It is supplied factory glazed (silicone factory glazing). Burglar bars may be factory fitted as an added accessory.

Winvent® Burglar Bars

Winvent® Burglar Bars are manufactured from 12mm square solid aluminium bars, and factory fitted with countersunk pop rivets as an added accessory.

Winvent® = 50% more light

The design and development of the Winblok® Total Window System in 1985 and most recently the Winslot® Passive Sun Control Fenestration System required an innovative solution for the provision of opening lights. As a result the Winvent® range of windows with an innovative central angle system allows the Winvent® to be bonded directly to either the Winblok® or Winslot® system – and in the case of the Winblok®, the glazing rebate can be on either the inside or outside of the building.

The Winvent® is designed as an integral part of the Winblok® and Winslot® systems that we are able to back by technical support service including National Building regulations and thermal performance certificates. The relatively small aperture size in a Winblok® required that width in elevation of the Winvent® frame be reduced to a minimum. This was achieved by designing a section that borrowed its structural strength from the adjacent concrete (in the case of the frame) and the adjacent glazing (in the case of the sash) by introducing, back in 1985, the new concept of structural silicone bonding forglazing and concrete.

This technology allowed the Winvent® System to be bonded directly into the Winblok® System without mechanical fixing and resulted in a width of only 35mm as against 65mm of conventional aluminium glazing systems.