Wintec® Winslot® in use: Durban Music School

Anthony Wilson from Mikula Wilson Associates Architects recently used our Wintec® Winslot® System in the design of the Durban Music School – we asked him a few questions regarding his choice and usage of this innovative new architectural façade system, this is what he had to say :

You used the Winslot® System extensively in the design of the building, was it based on aesthetic, functional, or an environmental consideration, or a combination of the above?
The decision to use the Winslot® System was based on the need for an economical, low maintenance window and shading system for North facing windows on a site close to the Durban Bay. The Winslot® System works well, looks good, and required no site-applied finishes externally.”

From the Information received from WINTEC® INNOVATION where you adequately able to specify the product?
Specifying the product was straightforward, and the queries I had were promptly and comprehensively responded to by yourselves.”

We enjoyed the application of the Winslot® System on the project, do you find the system enhanced the architecture of the project?
I feel that the system is appropriate to the architectural expression of the project”

How did you find the on-site application of the Winslot® System, during the building process?
The site assembly process was straightforward. The detailed assembly information provided to the builder by WINTEC® INNOVATION was very useful and enabled accurate construction to be achieved despite the limited expertise available on site.”
Wintec® Winslot® Durban Music School

Did the cost of the Winslot® System application have a positive or negative influence on the project?
The question of costs was complicated by the liquidation of the first contractor, as you know. However, I believe that by using the system, the client has acquired a practical, low maintenance window solution.”

Would you use the system again?
Yes, where appropriate”

What kind of response have you had regarding the building?
The building has been well received.”

A big thank you to Anthony Wilson for the feedback. The Wintec® Winslot® System could be exactly what you need in your next project, to find out more about it click here.