Winstep® Winder

when space is a challenge

Winstep® Winder - Endless Possibilities

The Winstep® Winder may be assembled in a number of different configurations from a set of nine reinforced concrete precast elements. These elements are fixed together with a bolt, through a central core. During construction the individual elements are glued together with an epoxy adhesive to create a unitary structure, fitting neatly into an 1800x1800mm vestibule. Winstep® Winder component sets can be supplied for right-hand or left-hand turning stairs with stair widths of 900mm measured from tread-end to post-centre. The combination of appropriate treads allows for the construction of square spiral stairs and a range of other variants.

The riser height for all variants of the Winstep® Winder is 200mm providing a minimum head clearance of 1950mm when the stair rotates 180° (360° for a full spiral) between a floor to floor height of 2400mm. Twelve treads give a total height of 2400mm. Installations may be designed to allow the upper floor slab to function as a top tread, increasing the floor to floor height to 2600mm. The going width of the straight treads is 250mm, and of the winding treads, 250mm at 400mm from the circumference of the central core. The top front edge of the winding treads is tangential to the circumference of the 150mm diameter central column.

Specify the Winstep® Winder

The Winstep® Winder is made up of 9 basic right hand and left hand elements. Available throughout South Africa. Pricing dependent on area.


These 9 components can be configured in a number of different ways to create staircases. Some configurations require the use of support walls and multiple cores as indicated. Other configurations may be devised within the component and structural constraints of the system.

Download Catalogues & CAD Drawings

If you are specifying or designing with the Winstep® Winder System download the handy ‘zip’ folder below. It includes all CAD drawings and catalogues for this system.