WINTEC® Winstep®

the stair, ramp & walkway system

Due to the unique tread and beam design, the Winstep® staircase is able to accommodate any floor-to-floor height. Applied from a flat walkway, up to a maximum of 200mm tread-to-tread inclined staircase.


Traditional shuttering and in-situ cast stairs are time consuming, skilled labour intensive, and require excessive finishing. The Winstep® solution brings to site precast concrete components at full strength, that are simply installed and do not require finishing.

Winstep® - a Better way to do stairs

Staircases present many on-site problems for the builder. Floor-to-floor heights vary, as do riser and tread dimensions. Typically, skilled carpenters set out and build the shuttering with extensive propping and specially designed reinforcing being required before the concrete is poured.

Not only is space needed for storing reinforcing and shuttering material, but concrete spills resulting from bleeding and kicking shuttering and careless barrow-handling add to the general mess and congestion in the very place where easy access to upper floors would enhance efficiency and project completion.

Savings of up to 30%

Due to the fact that the high cost of shuttering is eliminated and that the Winstep® elements are precast and pre-stressed, the Winstep® System allows for a simple on-site erection procedure. This results in an average savings of up to 30% over conventional in-situ concrete staircases.


Various Winstep® Assembly Combinations

Interchangeability of components is fundamental to the Winstep® System. Combinations of closed or open tread types may be used with either beam type, and either beam type may be used in the same stair or walkway. For instance, a wide stair may be constructed with SB1 up-stand stringer beams at each end, with SB2 down-stand stringer beams passing below the stair or walkway at mid-span. Closed-riser treads TR1 may also be cantilevered over the down-stand stringer beam SB2.

Download Catalogues & CAD Drawings

If you are specifying or designing with the Winstep® System download the handy ‘zip’ folder below. It includes all CAD drawings and catalogues for this system.