Wintec® Paver

30 MPa Precast Concrete Paver

Wintec® Paver

Our Wintec® Paver has been designed to accommodate a larger 600mm module layout, for outdoor and indoor use. It creates a comfortable and warm feel that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing.

The paver is manufactured from 30 MPa fibre re-inforced concrete with the top surface being “off-the-shutter”. The pavers must always be laid on a structurally sound and compacted surface bed, preferably laid on mortar.

We recommend that once the pavers have been laid and grouting completed, that a cement tile sealer (available from WINTEC® INNOVATION) is applied to protect the final finish.

Delivery options available.

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Currently available in the Eastern Cape

Technical Specifications
  • 30 MPa Fibre Re-Inforced Concrete
  • Off-shutter finish
  • 600mm Module