Wintec® Winslot® System: Cullinan Library Park, Gauteng

Cullinan, named after the diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan, is one of South Africa’s most famous small towns thanks to the Cullinan Diamond discovered there in 1905. The discovery quite literally put this town, 30km from Pretoria (Tshwane), on the map and trip to Cullinan is both quaint and informative. After consultation with City of Tshwane Architect, Paul Thiede our Wintec® Winslot® System was specified in this project in the heart of Cullinan, called Cullinan Library Park, with much pride. Projects like the Cullinan Library Park benefit the local community in such a powerful way. Boosting the education sector and developing local knowledge is a priceless resource and we are honored to be part of it.

We recently visited the site and just couldn’t wait to show you some photos. Thanks to Fikile Construction for their “can do” attitude and willingness to install a new system in which the construction progressed speedily and with relative ease. With little imagination for the finished building, it’s easy to see how the Winslot® System creates positive functionality, for example great “bounced-light” into the building making the interior bright without increasing internal temperature. This project makes use of the Winslot® system in a fantastic way. Designed, invented and manufactured to be an affordable, aesthetically pleasing fenestration system that’s strong, unique and easy to build with.

Here’s some photos of the project in progress:

Contractor on site: Fikile Construction
Architect: Paul Thiede of the City Of Tshwane (Pretoria)